Since we do not provide drug or alcohol treatment in Staten Island, NY, those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction should contact our referral line for help as soon as possible.

Drug Rehab

Developing an addiction to drugs or alcohol is not something that is the result of one single decision.  There is no one moment where an addict consciously decides to become dependent upon a certain substance.  At Drug Rehab Center Staten Island, our highly trained staff of addiction specialists understands that the road to addiction is a long and winding one.  Experiences, decisions, and illness of the physical or mental variety can all be causing or influencing factors in a substance addiction.  Caring and compassionate therapists at Drug Rehab Center Staten Island work carefully with patients to identify these aspects and use them to structure a personalized rehabilitation program designed to increase the chances a patient has at staying sober outside of the treatment center.

Substance abuse can significantly affect a person’s life in numerous negative ways.  Through therapy and counseling, patients at Drug Rehab Center Staten Island work to regain control over their addictions and lives while turning negatives into positives.  Seeking treatment and participating in a cutting edge program at Drug Rehab Center Staten Island is the ultimate experience for someone recovering from an addiction because it allows addicts to learn a variety of newer, healthier habits, coping mechanisms, and hobbies. 

If you are interested in giving up drugs or alcohol for good, Drug Rehab Center Staten Island encourages you to call (347) 983-9772 or email today in order to receive more information on the sobriety programs available to you.  Working closely with concerned and highly trained addiction and recovery specialists to tailor a rehab program perfect for you can make your dream of achieving and maintaining sobriety a reality.

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